Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm expanding.......

my newborn gift giving repertoire.

I told you about the diaper cakes.

And the burp clothes.

And the pillowcase dresses.

But , now? Look what I did:

I've found a tutorial on the cutest baby shoes EV-AH!

They match the pillowcase dress and burp clothes I made for the baby shower gift! I used a small piece of left over fabric and delivered them in a cookie bag when I brought over a meal for the newly expanded family.

Aren't they to die for??????

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mom Competition (Sincerely 'Fro Me to You)

I have a theory.

Each of us parent our children based in direct relation to how we were parented.

We are either trying to replicate our childhood, or make up for it.

In many cases it's like a pendulum. It swings from rigid to lazze faire.

And with each new generation it won't swing so far to the extremes.

And the more time passes, (ie our children get older) we begin to hear our mother's or father's words come from our mouths. Regardless of our intentions.

*off my pychobabble soapbox for today*

That said, I am competitive.

(Stay with'll all come together.)

I am one of THOSE moms.

Although, I am only in competition with my mother.

The rest of and let live. Really.

I just strive to beat my mother in all areas of motherhood.

It drives me.

If my mom would have agreed to enter into any sort of competition with me she certainly would have chosen a different arena. She wouldn't trade being MY mother for anything. But it wasn't something she chose.

This showdown lives in my head. (it's getting crowded in there, by the way)

Here's a little useless background that will set up this example:

Again, we moved around a lot. 16 schools, remember? My mom rarely came to our school. She didn't keep track of which day was which, like the holiday party was this day, reports cards came out that day, or picture day is Wednesday.

I try to keep up with all of those things with my kids, but as the kids are getting older it is beginning to blur and lose the importance status it once had.

Let's take Picture day for example.

I always note Picture day on my calendar so I know to double check that the kids look decent before driving them to school. Even though we only purchase the class picture.

I just don't want one of those funky school pics of my kid ending up on a humor blog.

I'm just saying.....I see which way this WWW thing is blowing.

My mom, though? Never occurred to her.

Look at this:
This is a picture of my brother in 3rd. grade.

Looks like a typical mid to late '70's kid?

Take a closer look:

Yup, that's bubble gum DRIED to his face. It looks to be either a few days old, or he was a dirty pig. It's a toss up. If you knew him you'd agree.

Now, this particular school we spent no more than 3-4 months there and attended two other schools that same year. We moved from Florida, with my dad, to New Hampshire where they separated for the final time, and back to another part of Florida with my mom's new boyfriend.

It was a rough year for us. My brother had to live this picture down.

Me? Well, I'll save the brownie story for Valentine's Day. It's worth the wait, pinky swear.

Back to the competition:

Let's just say.......

My children have NEVER had dried, dirty gum on their faces in a school picture.

Bahama Shores Mama: 1

Gypsy Mama: 0

IN YOUR FACE........with love :)

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm getting smarter in my old age.......

or so my 87 year old grandmother tells me.

She called today to wish me a *happy last day of being in your thirties* day.

She asked what I had planned for my 40th birthday tomorrow.

Before I could answer her, she asked if I wanted to hear what she did for her 80th.

Then she said she can't remember and cracked herself up!

Once she got the giggles under control, she said she seriously wanted to know what I was gonna do.

I told her I decided to stop waiting for the "perfect" birthday to happen and plan it myself.

I put together a whole weekend of activities scheduled for next weekend. I sent out a evite to a little over 20 "girls".

Here's the body of the evite:

With basketball season determining life....I've planned a faux birthday getaway. We have friends who have a beach house on *** Beach that we are borrowing for the weekend. I'm putting together a "Mama's Ideal Birthday Weekend" and inviting all my favorite local girls! If you can't "get away", let me know if you can make any of the activities.

Tentative Agenda:
Fri 4-6ish: beach and watch sunset
6-?: pizza, dessert, drinks,
?-? : laughing, crafts?, movie?, music?
Sat: Beach with a book or antique hunting/junking

4pm: basketball game
7ish: repeat friday nite activities :)
Sunday: beach with a book or Flea Market/thrift stores
3pm: pack up and return to reality

A few issues:
1. I don't have the actual address of the house. It's about a mile south of ***. Clear as mud, right? I do have my cell phone number listed above for directions.
2.Parking is tight. We may have to set up a park and ride.
3. The weather is predicted to be sunny but cold. At least cold for us FL girls. This will determine how long I am able to sit on the beach.

I know this is kinda last minute and we all have busy lives so please RSVP and let me know which activities you are able to attend for my acknowledged *OCD* planning issues.

~~Who wouldn't want to get such a demanding, all about the birthday girl kinda invitation???

My GiGi said I was smarter than her and at more than half her age. I stopped waiting for someone to give me what I wanted and just went after it.

My Man said he doesn't think it's being smart, just bossy!
*notice he didn't get invited* sour grapes anyone????

Thursday, January 1, 2009

100 Things About The Mama

1. I hate surprises.

2. I love to read.

3. I hate roses and carnations.

4. I am a Martha Stewart wannabe.

5. I am lazy. But a bit hyper. Go figure.

6. I hate the size my clothes tag say.

7. I am opinionated, however I have a hard time committing to favorites.

8. I am horrible about sending out thank you cards.........but I always think I will. I buy the cards, even write them, but don't take the time to mail them. I want to change that.

9. I love chocolate, but usually not fine chocolate. Give me an good old candy bar anyday over a truffle.

10. I am a chameleon. I usually fit in to any group of people I am around. I think it comes from moving so much when I was a child.

11. I make friends easily and I am proud of that.

12. I love to help others. Sometimes to my detriment.

13. I am a people pleaser.

14. I hate conflict and confrontation.

15. I'm not a very sentimental person.

16. I have lived in MD, FL, NH and CO.

17. I went to 16 schools but my parents were NOT in the military.

18. I love a clean house or car.

19. I hate to clean my house or car. Actually, I just hate to take the time to do it. I'd rather be doing something else. But once I get started, I don't mind it.

20. I become both motivated AND unmotivated easily.

21. I am hyper critical of those I don't know. Especially someone on TV.

22. I love Reality TV. Most of the shows I DVR fall into this category.

23. I was never a big TV watcher. Until DVR came into my life.

24. I speak of Chelsea Handler as if she was a personal friend. She cracks me up!

25. I hate going to concerts. It seems to be a waste of money to me.

26. I have season tickets to the Broadway series at the Theater. It's a bit extravagant on our budget, but I love it.

27. I am proud that my children seem to not be affected by what the Jones' have. We don't try to keep up and I've never heard them say they wish they had X like the Jones kids do.

28. I have relaxed my standards on how my kids dress in public. I used to iron everything and control what went with what. Chickiepoo had to let me do her hair before we went anywhere. I now choose my battles and wait for a "special to me" occasion when I pull the Mom card and pick out everyone's clothes and iron them and do hair. Any other time: it's fair game (as long as it matches).

29. Until this past year I was a registered Republican but usually ended up voting Democrat. I consider myself moderate and wish there was no party system.

30. I am a organizer. Want to start a club? Want to throw a party? I'm your gal.

31. I currently run a book club and a bunko group.

32. I am serving my 4th year on PTA board this year.

33. I've always wanted a large family and would have more babies if my husband would agree. And my pregnancies were healthier. And I was younger. And.......

34. I love the scent of clean. Clean laundry, Palmolive dish soap, my kids after a bath........

35. I have two signature scents I wear. One is for everyday Mom ~ vanilla and for the Sexy Mama ~Juba.

36. I don't remember much about a book after I've read it except it's title. If you can give me details or I read the summary it usually comes right back.

37. I don't read books twice.

38. I love to watch basketball, football or baseball. Live or on TV.

39. I am a pusher. Mostly a food pusher.....

40. I don't cry often or easily.

41. Sometimes I really hate my husband. Like now, when he's laughing at me doing this! Actually, I just tell him I hate him. Then he just smirks and says "no you don't". And damn it, he's right. This happens a lot.

42. I was a Pampered Chef Director. I loved the products, loved making food for people, loved the "show" I got to put on ( I went the humor route), loved helping others with their business but HATED the sales part: the follow up phone calls, etc.

43. I am an all or nothing person.

44. I'm a flylady baby who gets on and off the wagon regularly! I just call it my version of flylady.

45. We are trying to do Dave Ramsey's baby steps.

46. I can talk for hours!

47. I have super sonic ears. I can carry on a conversation with you and still get most of what is being said at the next table.

48. I read for at least 30 minutes before bed EVERY night.

49. I don't like a lot of breakfast foods.

50. I have two tunnels to my stomach. Doesn't matter how full I am after a meal ~ the dessert tunnel is always open!

51. I don't know how to take a compliment.

52. I am very critical of myself. My self esteem has never been high, but I'd like to change this.

53. I don't have many regrets. My past made me who I am.......why regret that?

54. I have a terrible potty mouth. Even in front of my children. They never repeat those words in front of us, but have told on each other a few times.

55. I will stay in my pj's in the morning until I find a reason to get dressed.

56. I only shower for a reason. I have to be going somewhere or seeing someone. Just because doesn't hit it. It's been three days and I'm gross usually does, though.

57. My dad's family was from North Carolina and I've always dreamed of living there.

58. I thought I'd end up marrying a good ole boy from the south. Instead I found a native Floridian whose family hails from Brooklyn! I never even seriously dated a good ole boy.

59. The only accent I can pull off is a southern one.

60. I am a bit hyper. I do everything super speed: talk, type, cook, think......

61. I totally take my frustrations out on my family but will mid-rant, answer the phone with a sweet hello.

62. I am doing my dream job. Growing up I only wanted to be a mom and wife, and that's what I am. I allow myself to become sidetracked at times and lose focus that I am living my dream.

63. I know most everyone feels they grew up in a dysfunctional family.........but I REALLY did! I usually bond with others when telling "my family is stranger than yours " war stories. (Most times I win)

64. I love real fires. I live in Florida, but put my fireplace on regardless of outside temperature. I refuse to decorate for the holidays without the fireplace roaring, even if I have to crank the air conditioner down to 60 degrees!

65. I have one of THOSE memories........ I remember most phone numbers, names, etc.

66. But add conflict? I can't remember who said what! My mind goes blank.

67. My mommy mind (forgetfulness) attacks when trying to remember which kid I was talking about, calling, or yelling at. I have to go through all of the names usually. Other than that ~ I'm good!

68. My desk is the epitome of organized chaos. I have stuff everywhere, but I know where it all is. I try to organize it once a week, but by the next day, it looks just like it did the day before.

69. I've taught myself to sew and love to make cute things, however I don't have confidence in my skills.

70. I want to make money but don't want to work. Anyone know of a job that fits that description? Call me.

71. I am neither a morning person or a night owl. However, when my mind is on overload I have trouble sleeping. I can't fall asleep and I get up early.

72. I can't nap during the day unless I'm pregnant.

73. I discovered the beauty of Advil PM a few months ago. I can only take it if I need to catch up on sleep or my mind is clicking away, it's before a certain time at night, and My Man is on board to get up with the baby in the morning. Ahhhh, it's some of the best sleep I've ever had.

74. I started another diet and this time I've gone farther than I've ever gone. I'm close to my goal and should meet it by my birthday.

75. My 40th birthday is in a few weeks. I can't believe it. Actually, I have a harder time that my kids are getting older. And the fact that two of my children are taller, or almost as tall as I am.........whatev!

76. I haven't been able to narrow down what I want to do to celebrate my birthday yet. A trip, a party, a nice dinner out, a girls trip???? I want it all!!!!

77. I'm like a kid in a candy store in any bookstore, fabric store, craft store, antique store, monogram boutique, tjmaxx -ish store, AND thrift store...........go figure.

78. I have a bad habit of telling people what something costs, even when they didn't ask. If they compliment me on my pants, I may say I got them at the thrift store for $2. I told you I can't take a compliment. Another thing to add to my list of what to work on.

79. I get defensive about things I can't describe well. Mostly my hobbies that My Man questions why I need to do this, or buy that, or stay up late doing it.

80. I feel like I could have several different houses and decorate each one differently. Does everyone feel like this?

81. I am a dish whore. I love dishes. I want to have Martha Stewart's pantry where she has different sets of dishes for EVERY occasion. If I had more storage, money, and a husband who wouldn't shake his head at my insanity, I'd have more than Martha. I'm just saying.

82. I don't think of myself as competitive, however my actions may say something different.

83. I only like to play if I believe I can win.

84. I never play the lotto, however I sold lotto tickets as a teenager.

85. I needed a foreign language credit to graduate from high school and I chose American Sign Language. I only took it for the one year, however I've retained so much I astound myself. Sometimes I find myself finger spelling words, thinking in signs or counting on one hand, ASL style.

86. I've had two speeding tickets in my life. The second I got just a few weeks ago. As I sit here making this part of the list, I am also taking the online driving course to reduce my fine and negate any points.

87. The test gives you 20 -55 minutes per chapter to read and answer 3-5 questions. I finish each chapter in less than 5 minutes, but have to wait for the time to expire before moving on to the next chapter. Therefore, I am multitasking ~ blogging, reading and taking a class!

88. I don't like my hair short, however with each pregnancy I've cut my hair. What is that all about? With this fourth baby I was determined not to cut it. I waited until after her first birthday, and then......yup. But, it's growing out now.

89. I have neither straight nor curly hair. It is never straight, unless I flatiron it but it isn't really curly. It's wavy, but humidity can make it curl. But not in a good way, imo. Living in Florida doesn't help that.

90. I know this is soooo 80's, but I feel like I look better with a tan. I feel skinnier, healthier and more attractive. By the way, I've been REALLY pale (for me) since before I got pregnant with Bunnyboo.

91. I have a bad habit of NOT washing makeup off my face before going to bed. I only really have it on if we've gone out and if that happens, I'm too tired to take the two minutes I know it would take to do it.

92. This list would make a good jumping off point for my New Year's Resolutions. I'd just need to take all the things I don't do well, don't like that I do or SHOULD change and......bang! There's my list!

93. I don't do well without enough sleep.

94. I'm now a caffeine free diet coke *drink straight from the can* kinda girl. Do I have to change my about me section on my blog?

95. I am very goal oriented. I wanted to finish this list so that my 100th post would naturally fall on January 1, 2009. I was gonna be short so I pushed out the remaining posts today so I'd complete this goal. Sorry if you have me on your google reader and just got slammed!

96. The only foreign countries I've traveled to are Canada and Mexico. Wow, what a typical American!

97. I have specific types of music that I like to listen to while I'm doing specific tasks. Country music is for the kitchen ~ cookin' and bakin'. Hip Hop is for dancing, exercising. Jazz is for relaxing. Classic rock is for small parties when we're walking down memory lane.

98. I don't do no fat/reduced fat anything. Except the newly addictive diet soda that fits in my diet. I either go without or cheat on everything else.

99. I love the feeling of a fresh start. New year, newly organized desk, redecorated room, or a new location........LOVE IT!

100. This was much harder than I thought. I did it in spurts and it still took longer than I thought. Glad it's over! Are you tired of me talking about me yet? Me too!

She's a blogger too.......

Chickie Poo has started her own blog.

We have it set to private and so far just my mom and I are "invited" to read. The blog admin(me) have to add the email of each reader we approve and then send them an invitation. She wants to add a few friends and other family members.

New Years Day is a day for new beginnings and seemed perfect for starting her adventure.

I hope she will enjoy blogging as much as I do.

Am I crazy to do this?

Bahama Shores Mama Year 2008 in Review

2008 will forever be remembered (by me) as the year that I started a blog.

I started off being brief.

I wasn't really sure what I was doing but I was super excited. I just wasn't sure how to tell My Man. I surprised myself by doing some soul searching while trying to explain myself to anonymous readers.

I "encouraged" a few friends to start their own blogs.

I overcame my critical nature long enough to post a picture of myself.

I jumped on a few bandwagons and joined some fun carnivals. And even tried to challenge myself in order to take more pictures. I learned a new word ~ meme~ and did a few of those too!

I started winning things for the first time in my life. Not once, or twice, but three times!

I dug threw some of my most requested recipes and posted those. I laughed at myself. I gave my kids nicknames and posted a bit about them. In short, I was trying to capture this moment in my life. And get positive feedback from it.

Suddenly, everything in my life was a potential post. My mind was constantly drafting posts. I tried to balance blogging and life. It was a constant struggle to prioritize my time between composing posts, reading and commenting on other blogs and checking for updated comments. Oh yeah, and the other things called life I was responsible for. Adding to that was the fact that My Man wasn't thrilled with the amount of time my new hobby was taking AND he doubts my security measures I've tried to take.

As life began to interfere with my blogging , the posts came further apart. I stopped taking the time to comment on the blogs I read. I was still reading them, just not leaving bloggy love. And then life stopped me.

I hardly posted at all over the summer. I did do some soul searching and tried to find a direction to guide me in regular posting. I found I was most often drawn to blogs of creative people that also showed their life. So I recommitted with a direction and decided to try again focusing on craftiness and my life. And let the posts come as they would.

However, I had lost most of my regular readers and really only had a handful of real life friends reading what I wrote with the occasional blog visitor stopping by.

I used this blog to vent. And even though I only had one comment, I felt better just getting it off my chest.

I blogged about one of my kid's birthday party. And when the holidays started coming around, Chickie Poo forced my hand by taking pictures and telling me to blog about it.

As I was trying to select which picture I would choose for our Holiday Card 2008, a post began to write itself in my head.

And then it happened. I had posted two days in a row.

And I realized I was reaching my 100th post mark.

So I turned the heat up.

Wouldn't it be cool to have my 100th post hit on New Year's Day to start 2009?

I thought so, too.

However, I failed to remember how much time is involved in blogging.

I had plenty of crafty projects going in the month of December, however, it was harder than I imagined to REMEMBER to take pictures along the way.

And a few days before Christmas I gave up.

I had planned to write a little tribute to my dad who died on Dec. 23rd 9 years ago and I just couldn't do it. I had already written about one of my best holiday memories but I just couldn't do my worst.

So I did a generic Christmas post and figured I'd do the rest whenever I got my mojo back. I had enough topics to draft posts for the remaining number needed, but not enough time to write them before the year ended.

And then it was January 1, 2009.

And I decided to get them all out.


So I will reach my 100th post today even if I have to blog all day long!

Sorry, honey!

Happy New Year!

said in my best Eddie Murphy impression (which is not very good).

I don't really do resolutions, per se but instead think about how I'd like to improve myself in the upcoming year.

~I want to be the best wife, mother and friend I can. That sounds dumb, I mean, who doesn't? But I can't not start off with that one, right?
~I'd like to treat my "work" as a homemaker as a job. I do really well and am happy while doing this, however it is easy for me to slip in this area.
~ I've lost weight this year but haven't gotten the exercise thing down. I want to change that.
~I want to continue challenging myself.
~I want to craft and improve my skills and self confidence.
~Actually, I should improve my self confidence in all areas in my life.

That's way more than I planned to write, so I'll stop now.

None are as specific as the "experts" tell you to be.

I should work on that too! LOL!

I also love the idea I've seen floating along blogland about adopting a word for yourself to focus on for the year.

I have a big birthday coming up in the next few weeks and I'll have my word chosen by then. I haven't put enough thought into it and don't want to committ without thinking about it.

What are your resolutions or words for 2009?

Our Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.

I was able to totally surprise My Man with the help of a friend or two and their husbands.

After waiting years, and years, and years..........My Man finally has a large, flat screen tv. On the 23rd of Dec. our family went to dinner with a few friends while my above noted elves snuck into our house and set it up. I couln't have pulled it off with out their buying advice or sneakiness. Ain't it good to have good friends?

The kids got most of what they wanted from their list, with the help of Grandparents and Santa.

Bugaboo's favorite gift was the PlayStation that I deemed unnecessary but obviously was outvoted.

Chickiepoo loved her red laptop.

Boobear is always easy to please as long as there is some kind of sports ball involved.

And Bunnyboo...........she didn't make a list but wouldn't get out of her pushbuggy car. She also got a sweet tooth and has been demanding candy and sweets hourly! Have no idea where she could have gotten that from!

I got a few things I've been drooling over including adorable cupcake stands that I've borrowed that last few times I've needed them.

Again, I didn't take many pictures....but these are a few. Maybe this should be a resolution for 2009? Take more pics!!! I hate to miss anything and somehow feel like I'm not there when shooting pictures. I also hate the early morning pictures that aren't staged. What? Me? A perfectionist? Nah..........

All in all ~ a very good Christmas!

Baking Goddess

Chickie Poo had a very brief list for Santa this year......

1. $$ towards her Laptop that she's been saving to buy
2. A personal label maker for organization
3. Cooking game for Wii
4. Art Set
5. Baking lessons from Mom
6. Love for the rest of her life

We surprised her with pooling money from other relatives as well as the $250 she had already saved and ordered her laptop. By far this was her favorite gift!

Coming in second was the baking lessons item.

I put together a little package with a Christmas apron I whipped up in a few hours, measuring spoons and cups, and a little booklet I made with recipes.

I think I've created a monster!!!

A diaper bag for my eleven year old?

I found it very difficult to find the time to make gifts this year. Bunnyboo was always getting into everything if I tried to do it while she was up, and by the time I got everything pulled out during her nap, it was time for her to wake up. Another obstacle seemed to be hiding things I was making for Chickie Poo from her. If I waited until Bunnyboo was in bed for the night, Chickie Poo was all up in my business!

I wanted to make a computer bag for Chickie Poo's new laptop she had no idea she was getting. I searched online for free tutorials and found a diaper bag pattern I could enlarge a bit to make work for me.

I told Chickie Poo I was making a diaper bag for a friend. I consulted her on fabric choices, colors, and even made her "try" it on to make sure the strap fit well.


When she opened the gift on Christmas morning, she said she was wondering why I'd give a diaper bag to an eleven year old.

Cause that's the way your mama rolls.