Monday, September 22, 2008

Baby Shower Gift

Back in February I hosted a baby shower for a work colleague of My Man's. They didn't know the gender so I went with Red/White as the color scheme. I made my first diaper cake.......I've learned some new tricks since then. It came out ok.......but.......

I also baked the cookies for the party favor. I ordered this cute onsie cookie cutter online. I love sending decorated cookies home as the favor. I've also been working on better decorating, but that is kinda slow going for me. I tend to rush too much!

Chickie Poo and her friend decorated the cupcakes. Didn't they turn out cute?

I love giving the diaper cake for showers now.

What's your go to baby shower gift? Do you consult the registry?


PinkPiddyPaws said...

Ummmm... is it bad that when I saw "diaper cake" I thought you meant a cake baked in the shape of a diaper, perhaps even with some smeared brown frosting in the middle to indicated Poop??

Somehow, I don't think the diaper cake in your picture is actually edible, huh? :)

Cute cookies though. I don't like kids (as you know) but even I won't turn down a cookie!

Keeper Of All Things said...

I love it.........can we make a diaper cake for Bud Man on his 40?