Saturday, September 20, 2008

Can you smell it in the air???

This is my favorite time of the year. Here in Florida we really don't get seasons...........just hot or not. For those of you wondering, it's still hot! It's also back to school time. Sort of.

I love this time of year when everyone is getting into a routine. It's a new beginning thing. This could be THE YEAR. We all are trying our best, without being jaded. In my opinion it's better than New Years Day.

I thrive on structure. It's quite the ailment. As much as I love all things in order and good intentions be dammed, I fail at follow through organization. I would love to have my desk/closets/sewing table uber organized with a place for everything and everything in it's place. However, if I am being realistic, it would only stay that way until my next mad dash with something that I had to do right now!, or my laziness kicked in.....whichever came first.

Wow, that was quite a tangent. What I was getting at was:

It's officially been over a month since my children returned to school. And I'm just now posting about it!

We went through all of the kids clothes and started matching up school appropriate outfits. We school shopped for supplies and shoes. We began going to bed earlier. We went over our typed lists of routines for morning, after school and evening. (The sickness must be genetic; as they love this as well). I stocked the pantry with lunchbox goodies. Everyone had first day of school outfits chosen. We were ready to go.

I had the camera ready for first day of school. At the crack of dawn I went out and took a picture of my very reluctant seventh grader. It's not a great shot, but you don't get a second chance with this boy!

Next is our fifth grader. She looks ready to rule the school, right? She's a *senior* in elementary school :)

And here is our third grader, complete with self gelled/spiked hair and what constitutes a picture worthy smile these days.

Then, as I am begging the two elementary school aged kids to pose together, this is what pops into my frame! Scary!!!!!!!!
Finally I get a shot of these two without incident. Might be the last time they willingly hug for a shot, ya never know.
After everyone was off to school,I realized I never took a picture of the baby. Not that she had a first day of anything. Could it be blamed on the fact she stayed in her jammies until after her first nap???? That's what I'm going with.

As far as excuses why it took me over a month to post first day of school pictures? I don't have one. At least I took pictures.........

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