Sunday, September 21, 2008

She's Crafty.....

Ala Beastie Boys. Did I just show my age again?

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of the projects I did for Bunnyboo's first birthday party. I went with a pink and brown theme. I didn't take enough pictures so I only have a few to share. (Click on a picture to make it bigger)

Here's my favorite project: I made this as well as a matching one with her name hung inside the house. I've saved them to use for other parties.

I also did the ever popular modge podge project! I used stationary from the Dollar Store that doubled as her thank you notes. This now hangs in her room.

In my crafty frenzy, I tried my hand at making clothes as well. I made her outfit all the way to the bow in her hair. I had to get creative to cover my mistakes. I can't do buttonholes so her dress is pinned with the bows tied on to cover it. The dress was a little short so I made capri's to put under. Whatevah! It worked for that day.

In addition to these things, I made her birthday cake and cupcakes for the 50 guests, goodie bags with decorated cookies tied up with cute raffia and a pink tag, a patchwork table runner and there was pink ribbon ALL over the house.

I dabble with my crafiness........actually I go on binges. I stay up late doing some project and then have to deal with everyone and everything I ignored to get it done. Then I move onto another project. Hmmmmm, I'm seeing a bit of a pattern, but not sure what I can do about it.

I need to get better at taking pics of things I've done. Lately, I made a few pillowcase dresses and matching bows, my first apron and two LSU dresses. All of these were gifts and I failed to take a single picture of them.

I did a trial run on a tutu that came out cute. I'm planning on making costumes for all the kids for Halloween this year so I'll be sure to post those. Please hold me to that :)

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Keeper Of All Things said...

CUte Cute....... you know I really wanted to say adorable ,gorgeous,and faboulous.....but you don't have spell check!!