Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Pillowcase Dresses

I've made quite a few of the pillowcase dresses after finding this tutorial on Sew Mama Sew.

I taught myself how to sew right after college with some guidance from my StepMother. She and I didn't always get along so I really appreciate her helping me out with this. I fondly remember using rainy Saturdays as an excuse to be sitting at the dining room table at her house with cokes poured to the top, sewing away.

For a few years I dabbled with sewing, making a few pieces of clothing or costumes. Once the babies starting coming so fast it went by the way side.

Last year after looking at blogs during the holidays I started remembering how much fun I had creating. When I found this tutorial I wanted to make one for Bunnyboo.

Here's the first one I made:

Not to leave Chickiepoo out, I made matching ones for them (obviously Chickiepoo's is a shirt)......I ran out of the navy ribbon so used white for that occasion but have since changed it out.

I've probably made about 5 more since then and feel my skills are improving each time. (And I swear NONE of the other dresses had paisley on them :)....)I do have friends telling me to sell them but I realize that my self taught sewing techniques are not quite boutique quality.....YET! And I don't think they are aware how popular they are on etsy and such.

Oh but a girl can dream.....right?

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PinkPiddyPaws said...

Dream on little seamstress, dream on! because those are very cute and I'm guessing you could EASILY find a market in your very own neighborhood.

Good luck! Sounds like a home business in the making. :)