Sunday, September 21, 2008

My first award.......and I'm late to the party!

Tami bestowed upon me my first blog award.

I'm ashamed to admit she gave it to me three weeks ago.

And I'm just now making time to post about it.

How lame am I???

Anyway, without further's the lovely little award:

I belatedly accept this award on behalf of all the bloggers who struggle with balancing blogging and life. I wanna thank my peeps without whom I would have no readers after my first disappearing act, let alone my fourth! I do it all for you, baby!

I know I am supposed to pass this on...........but really, I'm in no place to pick and choose.
Basically, if you are reading this blog and leave a comment, I LOVE YOUR BLOG and want you to have this award!

I'm actually so lame I'm also post dating this so it publishes tomorrow. I wouldn't want to shock all two of my readers with two posts in one day! Can you tell My Man is out of town today and bunnyboo is down for her nap???

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