Thursday, January 1, 2009

Our Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas this year.

I was able to totally surprise My Man with the help of a friend or two and their husbands.

After waiting years, and years, and years..........My Man finally has a large, flat screen tv. On the 23rd of Dec. our family went to dinner with a few friends while my above noted elves snuck into our house and set it up. I couln't have pulled it off with out their buying advice or sneakiness. Ain't it good to have good friends?

The kids got most of what they wanted from their list, with the help of Grandparents and Santa.

Bugaboo's favorite gift was the PlayStation that I deemed unnecessary but obviously was outvoted.

Chickiepoo loved her red laptop.

Boobear is always easy to please as long as there is some kind of sports ball involved.

And Bunnyboo...........she didn't make a list but wouldn't get out of her pushbuggy car. She also got a sweet tooth and has been demanding candy and sweets hourly! Have no idea where she could have gotten that from!

I got a few things I've been drooling over including adorable cupcake stands that I've borrowed that last few times I've needed them.

Again, I didn't take many pictures....but these are a few. Maybe this should be a resolution for 2009? Take more pics!!! I hate to miss anything and somehow feel like I'm not there when shooting pictures. I also hate the early morning pictures that aren't staged. What? Me? A perfectionist? Nah..........

All in all ~ a very good Christmas!

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