Friday, January 30, 2009

I'm expanding.......

my newborn gift giving repertoire.

I told you about the diaper cakes.

And the burp clothes.

And the pillowcase dresses.

But , now? Look what I did:

I've found a tutorial on the cutest baby shoes EV-AH!

They match the pillowcase dress and burp clothes I made for the baby shower gift! I used a small piece of left over fabric and delivered them in a cookie bag when I brought over a meal for the newly expanded family.

Aren't they to die for??????


Keeper Of All Things said...

Very cute!!!!
Now we can start on that t-shirt thingy.............

Chєєя Sιstєяs said...

ahhhh there so tiny i love them

Blue Castle said...

Those are adorable! Way too cute. :)