Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I am still alive.........

just a bit overwhelmed. I've had a baby with double ear infections AND getting 2 new teeth, a extremely active boy with a cast from fingertips to elbow who is not supposed to be moving fast (yeah right), and I've been doing it all with PMS and without much sleep OR coca~cola!

To give you the abridged version of the last few days:

I got mail! The goodies from the giveaways I won. Now I can put my apron on and whip up some baked goods and read while it's in the oven! Thank you again to Grace Violet and Domestic Spaz!

(can you believe she deconstructed a dress and made the apron? yeah, me either!)

I have been trying to keep distracted from the loud repeated crying (and the kids are also guilty of this) by getting creatively crafty!

I yard saled for the first time in years and had a great time. Chickiepoo went with me and she got her first sewing machine. It's actually so nice I may jump on it today while she's at camp. I got a few tables, chair, and a picture frame to paint and shabby up, some chairs for the pool deck, a bag full of ribbon, some winter jackets for 2 of my kids, a new cookbook, some cute dishes and some pillows I may or may not recover.

I saw this tutorial from Chocolate on My Cranium and decided to try it out. I am a self taught sewer and though I can complete a project, one must never look too close! I don't have the perfectionist gene that gives straight lines or stitches. But it works good enough for me. I look forward to learning as I try to teach Chickie Poo. Here's the bag I made. It's reversible, but I really like it inside out (meaning the pocket is on the outside).

Last night I whipped up some cute burp cloths for a friend who just had a baby. She didn't know the sex of the baby beforehand, so I was even more last minute than I usually am. With all that's been going on here, I haven't gotten over to see her or little Jace yet, so we are going today.

Domestic Spaz tagged me and I'll be completing that later today and tagging some of you as well :)


Neurotically Yours: said...

I was getting worried! Welcome Back ;)

By The Seat Of My Pants said...

I was totally worried about you! Glad you are back and slightly jealous of your craftiness. :) Sorry about your kiddos...just think, it can only get better from here.

Cocoa said...

The bag turned out great! I love the choice of fabrics you used.