Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Are you gonna hate me?

I just began reading this new to me blog, Grace Violet.

She has tons of cute craft ideas. She totally gets my creative juices flowing.

I added her to my google read last week and noticed she was asking readers to comment between two blinkies she and her husband has created. I put my 2 cents in. She randomized the comments and I won a adorable apron she was giving away. It's her first giveaway and I am soooo excited. Just look at it:

Can't you just see me whipping up a batch of..........ANYTHING wearing this?? Yeah, me too!

Thank you so much to Grace Violet!

But, do you hate me? Have I overstayed my welcome at the land of the giveaway. The girl who wins NOTHING in real life, has now won three, yes, 3, giveaways. I don't even enter alot. Maybe 10. So that's like a 30 % winning percentage. And at least 5 of those were for Pioneer Woman and statistically, I have a better chance being Obama's running mate than winning one of her giveaways. So should I stop entering and give others a chance? I only enter giveaways on blogs that I already read, and only if I am hyperventilating about the prize. Tell me, readers, what should I do?


Neurotically Yours: said...

STOP RUBBIBG IT IN!! We get it, your a winner!

I love that apron and I may tackle you and take it from you if you wear it around me. I'm just sayin'!!!

By The Seat Of My Pants said...

I am jealous of your winning streak, although I have absolutely no use for an apron! :) Keep it up, I think you deserve it...even through my jealousy.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Yes, I do hate you. Its official, you must be killed. :)

Ok, give away something you dont want and let me win it and we'll call it even :)