Monday, June 2, 2008

Goodbye School.......Hello Summer!

Tomorrow is the last day of school for my kids. It's only a half day. So I've made thank you gifts for all the teachers (support staff included).

I made chocolate chip cookies and bagged and tagged them. I used Meredith's recipe from Like Merchant Ships for the cookies. (Karen, here's the recipe you asked for).

I put my Mother's Day gift to good use.

I used Jumbo muffin cups and put four cookies in each.

The kids and I then placed each cup in a cellophane bag and tied it with a sheer ribbon. I printed tags that said: Thank you for the "sweet" school year! ~ Chickie Poo. ( I subbed Buga~boo and Boo Bear for theirs). Each got a different colored ribbon to tie their tag on with. The boys did knots only and Chickie Poo did a bow with long ends hanging down.

I placed each child's gifts ( 6 for the elementary kids, 7 for the middle schooler) in a handled bag for them to take to school tomorrow. (I took a pic of this, but the kids names kept showing in the pic, and My Man is adamant I keep that out).

I am now secretly working on their summer fun in a bag gifts! I picked a few things up at Walmart today ~ customize your own pool noodle, sunscreen, journals, a book, water bottles, sno cone flavors, etc. and will hit the dollar store tomorrow for a few more things and a big tub for each to finish it off.

Who knew I could find an occasion to shop as an everyday occurrence? Oh, you did? So did My Man :)


The Mom said...

What a 'sweet' idea, you're such a good mommy!

karen said...

Love it....those look fabulous!