Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fifteen Years Meme

Domestic Spaz tagged me for this meme. I am grateful as this is my first.....yup, a virgin meme~er (I'm pretty sure that's not a word, but works for me).

Here's the deal. Think back on the last 15 years of your life. What would you tell someone that you hadn't seen or talked to for 15 years? How would you sum up your life?You get 10 bullet points. A list of 10 things to summarize you. At the end of your list, tag 5 more people and send on the love.

June of 1993....... I just moved back to Florida to be near My Man. I was 24 years old.

~I married My Man in 1995. Some would be surprised by that and others.......not so much. My Man was my college roommate's boyfriend for a short time in 1990, and he and I remained friends after their break up. I remained unaware he had a thing for me until 1992. I'll save that story for a post on it's own.

~We have four children~ two boys/two girls. I would have had more but My Man was done at two......so the fact that we have four show my powers of persuasion.

~I've not held a full time job since the summer before we were married. I've had the occasional part time job but prefer not to work. I am a total live and let live person, so I have no opinion on whether YOU work or stay home with your children. This is my dream job. I wanted to be a wife and mother when I grew up and it's what I do. I need to remind myself of this occasionally when I get lazy or feel overwhelmed and undervalued. I have the best job. For me.

~I have lived in this city longer than I have ever lived in any city before. I have lived in this house for 4 times as long as any other house in my life. This is not my dream house, but others seem to find it desirable. If I won the lotto I would consider remodeling this house to become my dream home. It is close to my kids' schools and My Man's work. I find something admirable in staying in the house you raised your family in. Of course, I would also consider razzing this place and totally rebuilding. Or, if My Man got another job which necessitated a relocation for us, I won't settle until I find THE house. We could rent if we needed to.

~I'm so boring that it's hard to come up with 10 things to tell you! I need to get a life.

~I still love to cook, entertain and read. I am still finding ways to use my creativity. I've taught myself to sew and am still trying to learn the hard stuff.

~ I have been every size between when you knew me 15 years ago to the present size I am ~ at least twice!!!!

~ I still procrastinate.......but manage to usually pull it off. I only work under pressure. Some things never change from college days!

~ I'm still too much of a people pleaser. Except with my kids. I have no problem with disciplining them.

~The last thing: I may have the goods on anyone we once knew.........and I want to hear all about anyone you can deliver on. Come over, I'll fix us something sweet and we can start right where we left off.......

I am gonna spread the love by tagging my RL friends I pushed into starting a blog: Neurotically Yours, The Keeper of All Things, and By The Seat Of My Pants. The other two tags will have to go to Well Behaved Krissy and Cheaper Than Therapy as they always leave great comments and I'd love to learn more about them!


The Mom said...

Great post, it's a twist on another i've seen like it. I'll try and get to it soon! Thanks for the tag!

Domestic Spaz said...

Yay! I love it!

By The Seat Of My Pants said...

working on it now...uuuuggghhh...

By The Seat Of My Pants said...

oh, by the way...the uuuuggghhh was sarcastic! :P

Keeper Of All Things said...

In the last 15yrs heres somthing I've learned....................ding dongs tasted better when they were wraped in aluminium foil

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Hey thanks, ok did mine.