Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"hippie chik designs" is born!

I had a very good friend move to Georgia. We met when our first born boys were babies. We got pregnant at the same time and had girls 2 days apart. I got pregnant with #3 and she waited three months , but not to be outdone, she had twins: a boy and a girl! I finally caught up with Bunnyboo.......and we are forever even! Our kids are very close and were devastated when they moved "home" to Georgia. Georgia is where my friend was from and she met her husband at Georgia Southern University. After marrying, they moved here to his hometown in Florida. She remained a country girl at heart and couldn't wait for the opportunity to move back.

We did everything together and had minds that just worked together. You know what I mean? Once we got those brains going there was no telling how high we could go. It definitely scared our husbands!

We were forever putting all of our kids together, throwing food on the table and getting going on whomever's house we were at that day. Furniture was being moved, closets reorganized, rooms painted, or new recipes tried. One of the things we loved to do together was Yard Sale. We went to plenty and even hosted quite a few! She is taking this to the next step and though I am jealous, she is allowing me to be a part ~ vicariously.

"hippie chik designs" is born. She has opened her own booth at a antique shop in Loganville, Georgia. I am making her start a blog so I can keep track of what she's doing and add my 2 cents! Please go visit her and leave a comment. Tell her what you would buy if you were shopping her booth!

Obviously, if you are lucky enough to live near Loganville, Georgia you MUST hurry over to Bygone Treasures antique mall and buy all her good stuff before someone else gets there!


Valarie said...

I wish I lived near Loganville Georgia, or that I was going near it. The closest Logan's I am going to is my husband and my son. Oh and maybe the restaurant. :)

Keeper Of All Things said...

Looking good!!! I really want her to come and do my house.

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Aww. I have friends like that. How fun!

Vintage Dutch Girl said...

Being in Washington State puts me ALMOST as far away as you can get from Georgia, but I still wish I could go that cool store!

Well Behaved Krissy said...

Wo-man. You BETTA be doing a Christmas in June tomorrow :)

Keeper Of All Things said...

Are you ever coming back.....,.
We miss you dearly