Wednesday, June 11, 2008

SPT: The twilight's last gleaming..........

Yesterday was Tuesday. Tuesday is SPT day. Yesterday was a crazy day in Bahama Shores.

Due to all the thunder storms (mini hurricanes, as my kids like to think of them, since they have to help clean the yard afterwards) I was unable to get a new shot to fulfil this week's challenge. I planned on digging into my files and coming up with something fitting. I found it..........however the universe transpired against me and prevented me from posting on Tuesday.

So now it's Wednesday and I need to quick put this up and pretend it's been up since yesterday.

Here's the twilight's last gleaming last summer in Florida when my nephews (in the hats) were visiting. Notice Boo Bear throwing the gang signs? You may have to click on photo to make it large enough to notice the details. Yup, more on that later.

We love to go to the beach at twilight. We will often send a mass email to everyone local and turn every Friday night into beach night. Meet after dinner and bring dessert and drinks to share. Spread out a blanket and a few sand toys and RELAX. Add a couple of flashlights, or neon necklaces or big jar candles and once the sun sets, it's a real treat for the kids to be playing flashlight tag or kickball on the beach. Sometimes only 2 families show, other times we've had close to 25 families. You just never know. It's always a great time. I have yet to start back up this summer, but as soon as the evening storms pass ~ it'll be on!

This pictured Friday night beach night last summer we changed things up a bit since we had my brother and his two boys visiting. We went to Caddy's, a casual restaurant right on the beach, where the kids can play in the sand, or volleyball or swim in pairs in the shallow part, and the adults can sit at the outdoor shaded tables, enjoy a drink and listen to live music (while keeping an eye on the kids) We had dinner there this night and the sun was just beginning to set when I took this picture. I have better pictures of the kids from this night, but this showed the "twilight's last gleaming" the best.

I had gone so far yesterday morning to find this picture and scan it, but before I could start writing a post the phone rang. Boo Bear had jammed his finger at basketball camp. I got the baby and myself dressed (hush, I'd only been up for a FEW hours) and hurried over to pick him up. I took him to our pediatrician who thought his hand was actually broke. She referred us to the outpatient radiologist at our local children's hospital where we waited. And waited. And waited some more. My Man took pity on Bunnyboo missing her nap and came to relieve us. Boo Bear came home with a McDonald's McFlurry and in need of Motrin and ice. We then had to wait all day to have the Xrays read. Yup, he broke his hand. My Man took him to the pediatric orthopedic today and he is now the proud owner of a bright orange cast! Just look:

Summer has just begun and EVERYTHING is over for him for the next 6 weeks. No camps, no ball (he plays on a travel baseball team), no skateboard, no scooter, no bike, no running (remember he's my active one), no anything. Except swimming. THANK GOD for the waterproof cast.

One more thing to add to the No list: No more gang signs!
(Now he just needs to get to work cleaning up the pool and yard after the last few nights of storms)
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lelly said...

i look at that cast at the beginning of the summer, and you know i just have to say... "oh, the humanity!!"

hang in there.
love the twilight shot. your evenings at the beach sound thoroughly enjoyable.

Neurotically Yours: said...

Could that orange be any brighter??

At least it's waterproof :p

By The Seat Of My Pants said...

First of all....POOR BABY! Unfortunately this will be a summer to remember for him, just not what we want to remember. Thank God for waterproof (didn't even know that existed) so it isn't a total loss.

I expect an invite for the next beach evening!