Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WFMW: Mom, I'm bored edition

It's time for Rocks in My Dryer's summer fun edition of :

She is asking for ideas of what to do with your kids now that school is out.

What works for us is to have a Kids Rule Week. I take a week and assign each day to a kid. I have four kids and I take the last day, (actually, Bunny Boo can't actually verbalize her wishes yet, so I plan her day, too). When it is your day we do what you want. You plan the meals and snacks and help me cook. We do a "free" activity like swimming in our pool, going to the park, going to the library or the beach, etc. And you can choose another activity that may or may not cost anything, like going to the movies, miniature golf, family kickball, a video game arcade, the mall, etc. As you can imagine, we have to have a few family meetings to get all this planned. Once your day is locked in, you can't change it just because you've thought of something better. On the off day that I plan, I try to do something everyone enjoys that wasn't chosen and for our other activity we gift card shop. I'll make a map of all the stores they have gift cards to and we will try to hit as many as possible. I even encourage them to do some online research so they have an idea of what they want to buy while they are there.

We have used the Kids Rule Week for spring breaks, Christmas break and beginning of summer and end of summer. About 4 weeks a year spread out seems to work well for us.

I can 't wait to get other ideas......
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By The Seat Of My Pants said...

You are totally MOTY material!! Maybe my kid wants to do summer camp at your place. You are way cooler than I.