Sunday, January 11, 2009

I'm getting smarter in my old age.......

or so my 87 year old grandmother tells me.

She called today to wish me a *happy last day of being in your thirties* day.

She asked what I had planned for my 40th birthday tomorrow.

Before I could answer her, she asked if I wanted to hear what she did for her 80th.

Then she said she can't remember and cracked herself up!

Once she got the giggles under control, she said she seriously wanted to know what I was gonna do.

I told her I decided to stop waiting for the "perfect" birthday to happen and plan it myself.

I put together a whole weekend of activities scheduled for next weekend. I sent out a evite to a little over 20 "girls".

Here's the body of the evite:

With basketball season determining life....I've planned a faux birthday getaway. We have friends who have a beach house on *** Beach that we are borrowing for the weekend. I'm putting together a "Mama's Ideal Birthday Weekend" and inviting all my favorite local girls! If you can't "get away", let me know if you can make any of the activities.

Tentative Agenda:
Fri 4-6ish: beach and watch sunset
6-?: pizza, dessert, drinks,
?-? : laughing, crafts?, movie?, music?
Sat: Beach with a book or antique hunting/junking

4pm: basketball game
7ish: repeat friday nite activities :)
Sunday: beach with a book or Flea Market/thrift stores
3pm: pack up and return to reality

A few issues:
1. I don't have the actual address of the house. It's about a mile south of ***. Clear as mud, right? I do have my cell phone number listed above for directions.
2.Parking is tight. We may have to set up a park and ride.
3. The weather is predicted to be sunny but cold. At least cold for us FL girls. This will determine how long I am able to sit on the beach.

I know this is kinda last minute and we all have busy lives so please RSVP and let me know which activities you are able to attend for my acknowledged *OCD* planning issues.

~~Who wouldn't want to get such a demanding, all about the birthday girl kinda invitation???

My GiGi said I was smarter than her and at more than half her age. I stopped waiting for someone to give me what I wanted and just went after it.

My Man said he doesn't think it's being smart, just bossy!
*notice he didn't get invited* sour grapes anyone????


Emily said...

Hey I didnt know where else to leave the return comment so.... thanks for the advice.... no i didnt see the movie but would very much like to...... i tend to read the book before i see the movie....was the 2nd book in the seires good? im very much enjoying the first book

karen said...


Tami said...

I can't wait :)

karen said...

do you have pictures from your suprise bday dinner?

jennifer said...

I think that is such a GREAT idea. I have never thought of taking the birthday thing into my own hands. I am 2 years and 3 months from 40...

sorry, I blacked out. What was I saying? Oh, almost 40. Planning my own party sounds awfully appealing!

I hope that you have a FABULOUS birthday!!

Sandy Toes said...

How funny..enjoy your special day!
-sandy toe

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

I hope you have such a WONDERFUL birthday celebration and good for you for planning it yourself! :) Enjoy every minute!

Keeper Of All Things said...

What ..OH What the hell did GIGI do for her 80. I gotta know.
And really......OCD?
I thought it was more like
EPT.........hehehe.sometimes I crack myself up.!!!!!

Keeper Of All Things said...

Where are the pictures!!???
How do the girls get to your kids blog?

Keeper Of All Things said...

The problem with you having a mail notification...(I know its spelled wrong........stay with me ) you never go to any actual site!!!!
And thats just wrong!!!
I'm thinking of turning you in. said...

I am the same way. I have had the best birthdays over the past few years because I have truly celebrated and even make my own favorite cake.

Thanks for your kind eavesdropping words = we love our eavesdroppers.
Pink said...

oh ya happy birthday

think and pink