Friday, May 9, 2008

So I have this friend.......

and she wants to start a blog as well.

But she's allowing herself to become stagnant over the perfect blog name. She is stuck. She's asked her husband and kids. She's asked her brother who has written poems for the family. She's searched her mind. She's listened to my suggestions. But she can't commit.

I've asked her what ones she's considered. She just giggles and says nothing! I give a few suggestions. She is noncommittal in her hmmmmm. I tell her to pick a word that describes her. She tells me: neurotic; then really laughs. I say how about Possibly Neurotic and she says, nope, she's pretty sure she IS neurotic. So than I go through 31 different flavors using the term neurotic. She just says she can't decide.

Here are my top picks as of this morn:

Simply Neurotic
Neurotically Domestic (yup, I made that word up)
Proud to be Neurotic
Can You Spell Neurotic??
Neurotic Since 19?? (Not sure of her birth year as she's a bit younger than me)
My Mom is More Neurotic Than Yours
I'm Pretty Sure I am Neurotic

So please leave a comment and tell us which of these you like, or if you can creatively make up one of your own using Neurotic !!!!!!!

My Neurotic Friend Will Thank You!!!!!!!


karen said...

I like Proud to be Neurotic or what about naturally neurotic or neurotic naturally...or the life and times of a neurotic mom

jennifer said...

I have sat here for the longest time and I have nothing. And I am usually pretty quick about this stuff.

I suggest Eeny Meeny Miny Moe.


Neurotically Yours: said...

So here it is (finally):
Neurotically Yours!

The Mom said...

Don't wish your blog was neurotic like me?