Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Mother's Day

Are you wondering whether my husband knows me or not? Well, I could make you wait till tomorrow as the actual gift has yet to arrive, but my man couldn't wait that long to tell me all about my gift.

You see, he read this blog entry I wrote where I stated he doesn't know me well enough to surprise me with a gift I will love. To be more accurate, he asked me to read it to him over the phone while he was bored on Saturday. After reading him the last line: ".....he could have read this post and saved all the effort he is going to for Mother's Day to prove he knows me :)" our conversation went something like this:

My Man: Oh, I've so got this!
Me: Ya think?
MM: I soooo know you.
Me: No you don't. Didn't you hear me say I don't even know myself? So how could you know me?
MM: I've got this!
Me: We'll see.......

Later that day:

MM: Has a package come for you?
Me: Nope, the mail is here though.
MM: Let's call DHL and see if I know you.
Me: You got me DHL? Wha?
MM: No, your gift is being delivered from them. Look up their number.
Me: 1/800/Call/DHL
MM: You can't give me the numbers? I hate having to spell it out.......C.....A....L....
Me: *giggle* You need the tracking number. You don't have the tracking number. Do you even know the name of the person you bought this from on Ebay? Their not gonna be able to tell you anything.
MM: I don't need that.
Me: *thinks to self: why must he waste his time like this?*

A few minutes pass.......

MM: It won't be here until Monday.
Me: Wha......howdja...... whatever. I could've done that.
MM: Unh, hunh. So you wanna know what I got you? I saw you looking for it on your computer. You had one of those list thingys.
Me: Hunh? I do searches all the time. Oh, I do have a Amazon wish list with 2 items on it.
MM: Yup, I got you want you wanted!!!!! It's the KitchenAid Artisan 5-Quart Stand Mixers.
Me: My oh my, pumpkin pie! Oh, the baking I can do with that........
MM: Yup, I'm gonna say win/win!

So since he let the cat out of the bag early, but the gift won't actually arrive until tomorrow, you'll have to make do with a stock picture from amazon:

Isn't she beautiful??? I'm gonna have to name her.....Any suggestions?

I'd tell you my kids know me better than anyone, but since I repeatedly tell them over and over and over and over again what I want from them, I'm not so sure I can get away with saying they know me as much as listened to me :)

Here's my stash I was greeted with upon wakening this morn: (click to enlarge)

It contains the obligatory handmade cards, the cute picture gifts the two middle kids made at school, a acrostic poem my oldest wrote:





I know, I know, how did he ever come up with that? You'll also see one of those cards that plays music when it's opened. Have you seen those commercials? Apparently, my kids did. My MIL was talked into buying that for my kids to give me. All four kids, even the baby, played freeze dance with that until the battery died. The loot in the pic is all spread out on the paper submarine my seven year old used in a talent show Friday where he sang and danced to Yellow Submarine. Then convinced his teacher he needed the wall mural size prop to give to me. *Thanks*

But you can barely see the requested gifts: Love Coupons.

I love me some love coupons. They are the best gift! The kids can make them themselves. They don't break their bank. You get just what you need. It's the equivalent of cash from My Man.

This mother's day I raked them in. I have at least 30 of them from the older three kiddos. The coupons I received are the bomb: they range from cleaning their room, to free massage, free "babysitting" all the way to staying out of my face for 30 minutes. I swear, you think I'd make that up? The seven year old even thought of the gift that keeps on giving: One free coupon with whatever you want, even another free coupon. What mom wouldn't want to cash in one of these? Oh, and they don't expire though the older ones were smart enough to put time limits on some of them.

I highly recommend asking for your children to give you love coupons for all your holidays. Once my coupons are used up I have to start making up holidays so my kids will replenish my stash. Can you say: Thank God It's Monday and my mom did the wash???

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Well Behaved Krissy said...

Sounds like you had a really great day!! Happy Mother's Day!