Saturday, May 10, 2008

I do Rock! I won!!!

I NEVER win anything. I know everyone says that....but in my case it's true. But this time, the God's were smilin' on me and I won!!!!

I entered Frantically Simple's My Kid's Mom Rocks contest and won. Her rules were simple:

"Each winner will get to personalize his or her own box of fruit-roll ups for free. (Each box is a $30 value.)That’s right, you get instant coolness delivered to your door and you pay nothing.
To enter, leave me a comment telling me either:1)How your kid’s mom (or dad) rocks or 2) How you would personalize your Roll-Ups."

I frantically (pun intended) clicked to leave a comment and this is what I came up with:

Hmmmm, my first thought would be to put *my seven year old’s name* ’s Mom Rocks! But, my ten year old may be feeling like a middle child again and get all surly and feel left out. She tends to do that. Pretty sure my oldest middle schooler would be ok with it as he would be mortified if I brought *ANYTHING* to school for him and singled him out. And the baby could care less as long as she gets one.So then I was thinking go with *our last name* kids’ Mom Rocks!!! And then what? Splitting the box in half? Only giving them to the kids they each like?So I gotta go with brownie points and do something like the one with our last name, but send them in lunch boxes for a few days so they can make all the other students jealous, and then give a few to each teacher I love to teach my kids the art of brown nosing!!!!Thanks for the offer.

It did the trick. The Gods smiled.........or at least my number came up.

Hmmmm, it's only a 14 hour drive to Atlantic City. Think my luck will hold out? Nah, me neither.


Keeper Of All Things said...

Hope you enjoy the monkey bread. OHH and I can't control the PHANTOM SHITTER
he's like a fart on the breeze never know who will smell him next!

Neurotically Yours: said...

Lucky bitch! I thought you were gonna say you won the Nikon D80 and then I was gonna have to beat you down and take it from you!