Monday, May 12, 2008

Birthday Traditions

My oldest son is having a birthday tomorrow. It's become our family's tradition for the birthday person to plan the meal for the family on the actual day.

The party with your friends: you have no say! It can be whatever day is most convenient for me. The type of party you are having dictates the food. For example, my son has invited 6 of his friends to be picked up after school on Thursday by My Man and they are being taken to a afternoon professional baseball game. I'm sure they will have hot dogs and soda. Maybe some peanuts or crackerjacks. The pick up for the parents will be at a ice cream shop, so I'm sure there will be ice cream for everyone as well.

But this year the birthday boy has his own baseball game on his actual birthday. His brother has baseball practice. And we are expecting out of state guests who will be staying with us, to arrive that evening.

So, tonight we will be eating our family Birthday Dinner. Here's what he has planned:

Smashed Potatoes and Gravy
Root beer in a bottle
Leave me a comment and tell me: What would you plan for your birthday dinner?


Keeper Of All Things said...


Keeper Of All Things said...

Opps! That should be MAKE

Keeper Of All Things said...

Ok You've got to go look at the pic I put of me..
Talk about white trash!!!! I'm HOT !!!!! I mean really really super HOT!! Oh and check out the chicks beside me

The McCanns said...

I would have exactly the same thing minus the mouth is watering!

Edi said...

For my birthday meal - taking no considerations as to whether or not it would be healthy...I'd probably choose pizza or french fries and a hamburger (nothing fancy)...for the cake an Angel Food Cake with Betty Crocker vanilla icing and some ice-cream. Beverage would be a Coke slurpee :)

We also have the tradition of letting the birthday child pick the birthday meal (within reason!)...

We are THAT Family said...

That's a great tradition. We usually do something similar, except this year my son's birthday is on Saturday-this Saturday. We're combining the friend party with the family. He's like, "What??? Where'd my other party go?"

Neurotically Yours: said...

Our tradition: small on the party, big on the gift! We also do the dinner choice thing. Happy Birthday "Child #1"!!!