Monday, October 6, 2008

That makes me angry!

I've been fuming all day. A close friend sent her second mass email with a smear campaign against one of the presidential candidates. We know that we disagree politically, so I was a bit peeved that she kept sending me her opinions. She states we as a nation need to vote morally. But if we don't choose her candidate, than what?? Are we immoral?

But what sent me over the edge today was this paragraph:

The following links are essential in order to make an informed, educated decision. (If you cannot access a link, please copy and paste it into your browser.) If they make you angry you are one of two types of people 1) An *named* supporter that is choosing not to really know the candidate or 2) An outraged American that can't believe the media is ignoring or maybe hiding who *named* really is. But don't just get angry, get educated about the facts. We cannot allow the media to dictate who we vote for by the reporting. They are not doing their job, so we must do it for them.

So am I uneducated or just plain stupid because I disagree???

Am I being overly sensitive???

Here's the website I like to consult for *one* of my decision tools:

It allows you to choose how you feel on each issue and then tells you which candidate you agree with most. You can also see where they stand on each issue.

I believe each person is entitled to their one vote; so make yours, but don't try to make mine for me!

Does this make anyone else crazy????

*whew! * thanks for listening......... I feel a little better now.

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PinkPiddyPaws said...

Nope..I'm with ya toots! People who get all indignant because YOU don't happen to believe they way THEY do rank right up there with the whole "crusades" incident for me.

You know... "Our religious beliefs are better than yours and if you don't convert we'll kill you".

Wow... that's so reasonable, don't you think? ;)