Friday, October 3, 2008


We live our lives by seasons. I know most people also mark time by the passing of seasons ~ Winter turns into Spring which leads to Summer followed by Fall.

Florida really only has two seasons: Hot or Not.

Here in Bahama Shores we each have our own cycle:

For the kids:
~Basketball season turns to Baseball season which leads to Golf season followed by Football /Cheerleading season. And just to change it up we have been known to substitute Golf season for Football season. We've even thrown Soccer season in for a year or two. Dance season is ongoing for 9 months.......but since we are indoors we hardly notice.

For My Man (who is a college coach):
~Preseason Conditioning turns into Preseason Practice and Scouting which leads to Season followed by Post Season (from my blog straight to God's ears) and then begins the dreaded (by me) Recruiting Season and topped off with Summer Camps.

For Bahama Shores Mama:

~ It's simple: School is followed by Summer. During one season I am busy and the other? Busier. I always think whichever Season I am in is the busiest. Until I get to the next season.

Anyone else feel that Seasons rule their lives???


Keeper Of All Things said...

More then seasons rule my life!!!!!

PinkPiddyPaws said...

So what would you do if school was year round? One big season? hee..hee...