Saturday, October 18, 2008

Driveway Movie Theater Party

For Chickie Poo's 11th birthday we did a Driveway Movie Theater Party. We borrowed a screen and projector from My Man's work, as well as a table top popcorn maker. We hooked up our dvd player and the girls watched Hair Spray.

As her guests arrived, Chickie Poo took them out back and had them each decorate a scrapbook page for her birthday book. I took a picture of her with each of her guests to put on the corresponding page. When all the girls where there they came inside for pizza. After pizza, they went poolside and did a little freeze dance while I put the baby to bed and stocked the concession area.

I made a banner that said concessions and hung it over the tall bushes/small palm trees. My Man had hung lights earlier that day. Then I moved a small bookcase and table outside. I had small cokes in a bucket on the top shelf, and three different types of candy stacked on the other shelves.

Each girl had a tray to carry her goodies to her spot. I also bought pink/green buckets and applied an initial sticker for each girl to hold her popcorn.

Here the girls are watching the movie. Chickie Poo passed out the personalized pillows I had made for each of the girls.

I didn't time the movie correctly (it was longer than I thought....and yes I thought I looked) so I had to bring the cupcakes outside toward the end of the movie.

Chickie Poo loves Reese Peanut Butter Cups (not sure where she gets that from?!!?) so I made chocolate cupcakes with a mini Reese cup in the middle. Then I frosted them with Peanut Butter Buttercream Icing and put half a Reese on top of each. I was rushed and only took a picture while I was baking... but trust me, they looked FABULOUS! Personally, I'm not sure how good they tasted as I am dieting and didn't have any. But I was assured they were good.

We had SEVERAL cars stop and watch some of the movie and a few people out walking wanting to join the party. It was a beautiful night with a slight breeze. The only negative was the Rays were playing in the ALCS and about half of the girls who came got stuck in major traffic either coming, going, or both ways!

All in all this was the least expensive party we've ever done. Costs: Pizza, candy, soda, cupcakes, fabric for pillows, and buckets. We borrowed or had everything else. We even borrowed the movie from the library! Now Boo Bear wants to do this for his party.........but his birthday is in July and this is FLA! Not sure he gets the concept of how hot and buggy it is then. I'll just have to keep thinking and persuade him of a better party. Any ideas?


Sandy said...

yay for outdoor movie night!

and personalized pillows :)

PinkPiddyPaws said...

That is so freaking COOL. You have got to be the best parents ever. You know, I had a crappy childhood. Would you adopt me so I can have a "do-over"? ha..ha. Just like that movie "Dickie". :)

Keeper Of All Things said...

You are soooo more ways then one!!!