Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thanksgiving ala' Chickie Poo

It looks like I'm only able to hit the holidays, blogwise. I am pathetic, I know. Wanna hear what's worse? Chickie Poo actually took these pics and told me they were for my blog. So now I must post!

I've mentioned before that I am married to a college coach. He coaches basketball which is currently in season. They practice Thanksgiving morning and play in a tournament the following two days. Athletes that have family living within two hours usually go there for dinner. But many live too far for it to be practical to go home. So they come here. That means I never know until about 2 hours before I'm serving my meal how many people I will be feeding. This year we had the least; 14. I'd guess the most we've had was 30 or so. It always makes trying to plan fun! Yeah, right!

My husband also let's each player shoot ONE half court shot after Thanksgiving practice. If they make it, they get a homemade pie of mine. This year two players came close but no one won. Last year, two kids won. I was told that one of the current players who came close this year complained because he is a senior and won't get another shot!

Chickie Poo wanted to take pictures of our rustic holiday table decor. I was too busy getting food out and resetting the tables each time the phone rang adding and subtracting guests! But I promised I'd post them so here they are........

Our Adult table set for dinner.

I made a dollar tree run the night before and picked up these candle holders and candles.

Then I used stickers and made tags spelling out THANKFUL. I used twine to tie them on.

For the Kids table: I clustered votives, tied them with a ribbon, and put them on a glass salad plate. Then I turned a glass bowl upside down, put a pine cone inside and placed the plated candles on top. Looked cute, but we lit them too soon and then melted before we sat down to dinner.

This was our dessert table. We had four types of pie, ice cream, whipped cream, cool whip, as well as caramel and chocolate sauces.

This was our Thanksgiving Tree. I'm pretty sure Chickie Poo made some of the players add leaves of what they were thankful for. Can you see the football game on?

Of course, Chickie Poo made a sign for the tree, in case anyone didn't know what it was. And then she had to take a picture, because.......If you give a mouse a cookie...then.....

She took more pictures, but I'll save you. I'll try to be more consistent about blogging and if not, there's always Christmas and New Year's coming soon :)

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Keeper Of All Things said...

Maybe we should declare eveyday a holiday
Hmmmm........whats a good holiday?
I know!!!!!!
How about love your friends and make them cookies day?!!!!
Love the pictures