Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I've been a busy little elf...........

Like just about everyone else out there in America, we are feeling the crunch this holiday season. So this year, most of my gifts will be homemade. I always do some homemade items, but this year I've done more than any other year I can remember. At least as an adult; as a kid I always made homemade gifts for everyone.

I have a Holiday folder. I keep a list of for whom and what I buy each year. And how much I spent. I keep my card list from year to year. I keep my menus. I'm sure there's more, but you get the picture.

This year I made a list of who I could make gifts for and ideas for said gifts. This became my Project List.

I marked the first category off of my Project List last weekend:

I made 6 name pillows.

However, I remembered to take a picture AFTER I boxed two of them up to be shipped out! They were pink and green also.

Same great background...not!......Note to self: Bed doesn't work well as a backdrop.

I bought the instructions for these pillows from I have been happy with every purchase I've made from there. And I love looking through the picture galleries, too.

I should be finishing up with Project #2 today. I'll be posting with those pics soon!

Have you made any gifts this year????


karen said...

Hey- this is not related (although I love the pillos) but thank you for your help with the family photo. It was a fiasco, but a cute one thanks to your poka dots, shovels, santa hat and more

Tami said...

The pillows are cute, Martha ;)