Sunday, December 21, 2008

How to give a gift card when your feelin' crafty:

1) Spend most of the night bookmarking tutorials on blogs.

2) Choose the easiest tutorial that you already have the supplies for.

3) Go to the Dollar Tree for Altoid tins. Go back again when you realize that one of your gift cards is supersized. Buy a bigger tin.

4) Make a mess of your dinning room table and forget to feed your kids dinner as you become engrossed in project.

5) Decide that because they are your first try, they'll do.........then go ahead and blog about it.

A mini purse ~ altered Altoid Tin.

Another altered Altoid tin

A larger tin (originally a Christmas tin) to accommodate gift card.

(not sure why this won't is straight on my computer ???)

Want to see which tutorials I copied????


Regular Tin

Are you an original creator or do you need others to inspire you to create. I'm sure I just answered that question for all two of you wondering which category I fall into :)

1 comment:

Beckie said...

CAAAAAAUUUUTE! You did a great job. I am flattered you copied mine. Imitatation is the highest form of flattery dontcha know? I love the purse idea too. Fun Fun! Thanks for the comment lovin and the shout out.