Thursday, May 28, 2009

Will this ruin the anticipation?

Hypothetically speaking:

If you were to win a giveaway on a blog celebrating her one year blogaversary, for example.

And the giveaway was a oh, I don't know, a apron, perhaps?

Would it ruin the anticipation to see a picture of said apron BEFORE you received your package in the mail?

But what if the package was UNBELIEVABLY delayed in being mailed through a comedy of errors?

Like the blogger made the apron and packed it up for shipping but had a million things going on for the next week and never actually made it to the post office?

And the post office conveniently upped the price of stamps that week and the stamps she had at home weren't sufficient postage?

And then she took a trip ACROSS the country to New Mexico to visit her mother and brought the package on the plane with her. Meaning to mail it in the airport, but had to check the bag it was in?

Once she arrived in New Mexico, she talked her mother into stopping at a post office to mail the package on their way to Santa Fe 4 1/2 hours away. But the line was unbelievably long and after waiting a few minutes in line decided to mail it from Santa Fe.

But was so busy sightseeing in Santa Fe, forgot to mail the package.

So she asked her mom to mail it for her knowing that when she returned home from her first trip without her husband OR children in like forever, she wouldn't get a chance to run to the Post Office.

Her mom called her the day after the holiday weekend to tell her that the grocery store had been out of stamps that day, but she'd go back tomorrow and then mail it.

So she left a message to YOU, the winner, telling you it would be arriving shortly.

And her mom called again today to tell you she went back to the store, then another store and finally to the post office. Both stores were out of stamps and the post office had the long line again. She sounded frustrated.

Finally she calls you later that night saying her local news announced that as the June 1st date approaches, the post offices are crowded with people attempting to get their passports they will need to go to MEXICO after June 1, 2009. You can SEE Mexico from your front yard. No wonder the line is so long.

Phew! Are you still with me?

If you answered yes, to the dilemma I've completely hypothetically stated, stop reading now.

But, for the love of God, come back tomorrow.

If you are still with me............

Here's the little summer flirty apron I hope will be mailed to MaryRC any day now.

Legal immigrants willing.

I hope the apron lives up to the hype.

It's got tiny ladybugs. Who can resist tiny ladybugs?


Tami said...

You crack. me. up!

I hear tiny ladybugs!!!

TheBMillers said...

what a funny story. I think that apron is so cute! i'm impressed that you made it.. or maybe you just have the skill and it was very easy for you.. me however.. yeah we just won't go there -

Very cute though